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Risk Mining

It is one thing to document your process, but to fully flesh out your operational picture and effectively assess operational risk, you must have access to process knowledge that exists across the organization. While the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform defines, prioritizes, and automates the communication between systems, processes and departments to provide effective and efficient operational Risk Management, our collaborative risk & opportunity mining solution can take you even further…

Risk Management + Collaborative Workflows = iGrafx ROPE™ Solution

Beyond risk management alone, our risk mining solution, ROPE™ (Risk & Opportunity thru Process Excellence) helps you implement a company-wide risk management system, which is workflow-based and sustainable. Using an automated approach means fewer deviations/errors, clearer information flow and increased transparency. It also makes it easier to make strategic decisions based on uncovered risks and opportunities, and which processes require attention and/or automation.

By identifying key risks, controls can then be designed and automated to ensure processes become (and remain) compliant.


What does iGrafx ROPE™ Solution offer?

  • Automate risk detection to ensure consistent reporting, reviews and approvals across the enterprise
  • Provide a continuous improvement cycle for identified risks
  • Ensuring that audit compliance standards and requirements are properly recorded
  • Identify potential compliance issues by reporting on process and risk gaps, impacts, costs, etc.
  • Ensuring that risk management remains a part of the culture, with transparency about where risks exist and with clearly defined owners

Your benefit:

  • Tailored and monitored workflows
  • Comprehensive risk reporting with gap analysis
  • Cost avoidance (regulatory non-compliance)
  • More sales through realized opportunities
  • Cost reduction and better product quality through fewer mistakes
  • Collect risk and opportunity knowledge from process experts
  • Clearly assigned responsibilities

Easy creation of:

  • Risk and control catalogs
  • Action plans and tasks
  • Reports on derived residual risks
  • Risk matrices and heat maps

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