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Process Knowledge Management

Many companies struggle to define and identify the processes used to run their business effectively. They often know how many employees there are, or how many applications they use. However, when it comes to what those employees do, or how they use those applications, they lack transparency. This makes it nearly impossible to identify bottlenecks, potential risks or otherwise and enable leadership to make decisions on how to improve or manage change.

Your processes are the key for strategic objectives

Your processes hold the key to understanding how your business runs. They help train and onboard new employees as well as ensure compliance. Having your process and procedural information centrally located and easily accessible is key ensuring you are on track for meeting key strategic objectives.

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform is a Business Process Management (BPM) system that enables every individual in an organization to understand their part in the bigger picture. We do this by helping people collaborate cross-functionally to gain visibility into the entire business, making sure that everyone has access to the processes they need, when they need them. In doing this, our customers turn hidden and inefficient processes into valuable assets that differentiate the organization from its peers.

Taking it further, our award winning, cloud-based, easy-to-use, platform allows your organization to meet today’s increasing challenges with executing strategic vision, optimizing customer experience, operationalizing governance, risk & compliance (GRC), and delivering holistic quality management (QMS).  With processes clearly captured and accessible, we enable input for greater clarity from key members of IT, operations, and compliance. Armed with this information, executives can be confident they are making informed business decisions. This leads to improved operational performance, as well as the ability to adapt and change business models to ensure business continuity. Whether implementing a Business Process Management system, Robotic Process Automation project, or working to optimize your Customer’s Experience, you will only succeed if your processes are clearly defined and understood.  The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform offers you an integrated way to capture, model, optimize, audit, execute and monitor processes at the speed of innovation.

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