iGrafx® Announces Retirement of Ken Carraher as CEO, Names Ryan Tognazzini as Successor

iGrafx®, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced the retirement of Ken Carraher as CEO and President as of December 31st, 2016.  Carraher’s retirement comes after more than 25 years of providing strong leadership to both the company and industry. As co-founder of iGrafx, Ken pioneered advanced process management solutions and championed the importance of business process management for organizations.

“If there was an iGrafx Hall of Fame, Ken would be the first member. His vision and leadership built iGrafx into the strong company it is today,” said Joel Trammell, chairman of iGrafx and managing partner of Lone Rock Technology Group.

Replacing Carraher as CEO is Ryan Tognazzini, who has served for the last seven years as a Principal with SBI, a management consulting firm, focusing on accelerating the growth rate for clients and outperformance of competitors. Prior to SBI, Ryan spent nine years in sales and operations at Cintas, serving as the GM for the San Francisco branch.

Tognazzini’s wealth of knowledge and best practices on scaling revenue at technology companies, and recognition of the vast potential to expand the footprint of iGrafx within the BPM space, makes him poised to further establish iGrafx as a leading solution for companies as they look to better achieve their operational goals.

“With Ken’s vision of BPM laying the groundwork, and Ryan’s extensive experience at driving company innovation and performance, iGrafx has a clear course ahead to continue to evolve critical capabilities that aid our customers as they strive to meet critical process excellence goals within their organization,” said Ed Maddock, VP of Process Management Solutions.

About iGrafx

iGrafx business process management and analysis solutions empower organizations to achieve maximum performance. iGrafx captures and communicates the alignment of strategy, people, processes and technology, and unites the entire organization around delivering business value. iGrafx delivers strategic and operational decision support to enable our customers to become and remain world class competitors. For over 20 years, iGrafx products and services have been helping companies of all sizes across the globe manage their processes and optimize their business. For more information, please visit www.igrafx.com.

About Lone Rock Technology Group

Lone Rock Technology Group (www.lonerock.com) is an operationally oriented investment firm focused on the enterprise software industry. Lone Rock specializes in acquiring or taking significant control positions in software companies that have an established market presence, proprietary technologies and can benefit from Lone Rock’s expertise, back-office resources and proven success in establishing growth-oriented operational excellence.

January 9, 2017

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