iGrafx® Business Process Management Self-Assessment Tool Allows Organizations to Gauge Program Maturity Level and Provides Tailored Guidance for Advancement

iGrafx®, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced today the availability of the iGrafx BPM Self-Assessment Tool, enabling organizations to measure current BPM capability, benchmark against competitors in their industry, and receive recommendations for next steps to evolve their program.

“The beauty of this free interactive assessment is that regardless of whether an organization is well established with its BPM initiatives or is new to the scene, they will be able to see exactly where they stand amongst competitors and get a clear view into what is necessary to elevate their program,” explained Gretchen Burthey, VP of Marketing and Product Management.  “Getting tangible value and solid results requires a holistic view of BPM.  The success of any BPM program lies not only with the technology employed, but how an organization is structured, how the business and IT teams interact, and how strategic the investments put forth are to manage change.”

The iGrafx BPM Self-Assessment tool is specifically designed to help gauge an organization’s current level of competency with their BPM initiatives, assessing capabilities in the Lifecycle, Organization, Governance, Architecture, and Technology areas.  Users can view benchmarks against other industry peers of a similar size, in the same industry, and in the same geographical region.

Once the self-assessment is complete, users are provided with a personalized BPM Action Plan report that outlines steps for improvement.  Users can also come back at any time to assess progression of competency levels, continue to benchmark their current status against peers to ensure they are headed in the right direction, and get advice along the way as they strive for BPM maturity within their organization.

About iGrafx

iGrafx process management solutions empower people across organizations to contribute to business optimization and achieve operational excellence. The only solution that effectively aligns the activities of both IT and Business roles, iGrafx unites the entire organization around a single platform for process knowledge and analysis. iGrafx focuses on delivering the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use tools for organizations at any level of process maturity to become and remain world class competitors.  For more information, please visit www.igrafx.com.

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September Danforth

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June 27, 2013

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